Floating down Kerala’s backwaters

By Emma. Pour l’article de Damien, cliquez ici. For photos for there, click here.

We floated lazily through Kerala’s beautiful backwaters, jellyfish, riceboats and paddy fields all drifting slowly by. The gangling skeletons of the Chinese fishing nets perched silently above the still water, waiting. Nothing happened, everything was quiet … and this was India?





The floating in Kerala is beautiful and I’m sure it comes pretty close to absolute bliss once you’re cradled in the luxury houseboats. It looked wonderful. It really did and if we were ever to visit Kerala again, that is probably where you’d find us, bathing in sunshine and silence on the bow of one of these gorgeous picture-book vessels.


Right then, at that moment in time, the houseboats just weren’t for us.  I know – madness! I blame our sheer, delicious indolence in Mirissa. We were already relaxed! Now though we were charged and ready for more of that intoxcating Indian sensory overload we loved in Madurai.

In the absence of a houseboat coup-de-coeur, my favourite thing in breeze-block Allepey proved to be the GIANT bats! Unexpected, definitely, loved, absolutely. The size of seagulls, these flying pieces of shadow facinated us. Starting in a solitary flight, then a trickle and finally, a flood, these massive bats would swoop silently through the dusk seeming to follow a path through the gloam. Living Halloween cut-outs captured our imaginations.



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