World’s End in Sri Lanka

By Emma. Pour l’article de Damien, cliquez ici. Please click here for photos of there.

Having reluctantly relinquished our friends to their Sri Lankan family (greedy? us?), Damien & I struck out on our own again. Post Adam’s Peak, our calves were still tight and angry so we decided to stretch them out by taking a wander by Sri Lanka’s lauded World’s End. A train ride winding through tea plantations, a night spent in the thoroughly uninteresting town of Nuwara Eliya and a pre-dawn start gifted us with the sight of Sambar deer grazing in the mists which draped the plains. Dew caught in gossamar fronds and the deep silence lent enchantment to our morning.




As dawn broke so did that enchantment. The mist rose, the dew vanished and we were left with a very hum-drum (and expensive!) walk through the grasslands to a pretty but not particularly special view. Perhaps my expectations were too high? But they had promised a “World’s End” afterall.



Any comment welcome!

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