Rice & Curry: The King of Sri Lankan Feasts

By Emma.

Rice and curry is the ubiquitous and yet ever changing lunchtime feast on this small spice island.  Colours, flavours and constantly piqued curiosity made us order this time and time again. Once I’m home again, I’m looking forward to trying to conjure this up again with my spice-loving friends!


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A safari in Yala National Park

By Emma. Cliquez ici pour l’article de Damien. Click here for photos of there.

Pre-dawn excitement, an open elevated jeep, silence, a flurry of aggressive driving, clamouring hords brandishing telescopic lenses and a lack of grace, a magical dismissal by a leopard, still moments in the presence of great lumbering pachyderms, the mewling cry of peacocks, wallowing buffalo, a family of foraging boar, darting mongeese  and the flit of hummingbirds, crocodile smiles and bearded monkeys, the battle of common sense and a desire to escape the jeep, the wild.


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Sigiriya – a secret treasure, words and the possibility of crocodiles

By Emma. Pour l’article de Damien, cliquez ici. Click here for photos of there.

Sigiriya holds a kingdom in minature and ancient frescos of beautiful women. Its allure is immediate, the stream of tourists and the inflated entry fee far less so. We had heard whispers of another place. Pidurangala. So we gambled …

Past the place where crocodiles go about, we abandoned our “My Girl” bikes by the yellow, dust road and began our climb. Past the riot of monkeys, the cave temple and the enormous resting Buddha, we climbed. We clambered.


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Dambulla, Sigiriya, et un petit incident de parcours

Par Damien. Click here and here for Emma’s posts. Et les albums photos sont ici ou .

Après quelques jours au vert dans les hauteurs, nous retrouvons la chaleur des plaines au Nord de Kandy, avec un premier arrêt à Dambulla, où on visite son Temple d’Or consistant en une série de caves contenant de multiples statues, principalement des Bouddhas, ainsi que des peintures sur les murs et plafonds de roches. La faible lumière pénétrant les lieux donne à l’ensemble un coté magique, on vous laisse juger:


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Dambulla – Buddha’s eyes, stillness and light

By Emma. Pour l’article de Damien, cliquez ici. Click here for photos of there.

Caught up in an itinerary with no rhyme or reason, we headed North to visit the cave temples of Dambulla where Buddhas lounge, meditate and die in faint, dusty light. The sculptures are beautiful, the light too. The eyes captivating and dismissive.


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