The Galapagos Islands: Life on Lava

By Emma. Cliquez ici pour l’article de Damien. Click here for photos of there.


Impossibly blue waters; a sealion basking and bobbing on a red buoy; stretches of fine white sand; the vague trailing footprints of gristled marine iguanas; islands woven by knotted ropes of hardened black lava; a landscape of volcanoes and wonder; the golden hues of land iguanas; the flitting of Darwin’s finches and the promise of evolution held in the curve of a beak; the waltz of rays and black-tipped sharks in the coloured night-time lights between the wooden stilts of the pier; lobster feasts at the fairy lit port in the company of pelicans; under gliding sea birds, boat trips leaping through the white wave crests; Damien green; the mesmerizing oranges and reds of Sally-Go-Lightly crabs and echoes of Enid Blyton; the liquid black eyes of uncountable sealion pups; the tussle of shrunken dragons; wetsuit contortions; slow breath of an underwater waking sleep; heart hammering; intruding into the sandy bed of day-time dozing white-tipped sharks; waving beds of garden eels; the sinuous waft of an octopus over a reef; the threatening snap of moray eels; clouds of sergeant fish like hundreds of striped moons, the beaks of parrot fish and the ever wobble of surprised puffer fish; in the eye of a black whirlwind of tiny fish, swathes razored by Galapagos sharks; snorkelling gasps and adrenalin; underwater arches and caves; daring of self; currents like underwater  gales; dapper penguins slicing through the blue in tunnels of tiny bubbles; an encompassing loud silence; drifting alongside sea turtles, entirely happy; in the sunshine, the scarlet balloons of frigatebirds inflate bravely amid the thorns; land tortoises, ancient moving mountains; neck folds, ragged breaths, and time; blue-footed boobies;  lava tubes and pockets of jungle; sealions appropriate benches and boats with a casual entitlement; sunshine and storm clouds and life, so much life.



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