Sick in Bolivia – Lake Titicaca, Isla del Sol … and my bedroom

By Emma. Cliquez ici pour l’article de Damien.  Click here for photos of Lake Titicaca.

Noting my glazed expression and worrying lack of llama stalking on Isla del Sol (the birthplace of the sun and moon according to Incan legend), Damien decided that it was time to stop rummaging in our ginormous first-aid kit and call a doctor. Three doctors, two hospital visits and much whirling Spanish medical advice later, I’m beginning to feel much better propped up in my bedroom in Arequipa, Peru. I loved Bolivia but, apparently, she and her mountains didn’t feel the same way. At all! Huayna Potosí emptied my reserves, shook me by the scruff of the neck and left me absolutely broken – the mountain ate me! Exaggeration? Ehm, yeah probably a bit. The diagnosis of my ragtag “medical team”: an ear infection, migraine, intestinal infection, sinus infection…..and a parasite!!!! A parasite!!!!!!Nice! I think I’ll call him Herman and I reckon he looks not unlike this:

Randall Boggs from Monster’s Inc – undoubtedly Herman’s wily doppelgänger!

A mind-boggling array of antibiotics and potions taken, I’m being to feel slightly less decrepit now and tomorrow,  myself, Herman & Damien are going to explore Colca Canyon. I’m ready for more adventures now please!

A little girl and her llama on Isla del Sol, Bolivia

A little girl and her llama on Isla del Sol, Bolivia


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