Deliciously and deceptively potent – the Chilean Pisco Sour

By Emma. Photo avoidance at play here!

Method for 1 cocktail and some unlikely Tom Cruise style cocktail shaking:

1. Fill mixing glass to the top with ice.

2. Add two shots of pisco (approx. 50ml).

3. Add half a shot of fresh lemon juice (12.5ml).

4. Add half a shot of sugar syrup (12.5ml).

5. Add 1 egg white.

6. Affix cocktail shaker to top of glass and shale vigorously.

7. Shake as hard as you can. This will emulsify the egg white to create a foam.

8. Rim a champagne glass with powered sugar.

9. Pour liquid from shaker into prepared glass.

10. Dust top of drink with powdered cinnamon.


Or there’s the far-more-likely & lazy blender method for 6:

1. 350 ml pisco, 175ml fresh lemon juice, 175ml sugar syrup, 6 egg whites and ice to a blender.

2. Blend until combined (35-40 seconds).

3. Pour into sugar-rimmed champagne glasses and dust with cinnamon. 

4. Enjoy!






Any comment welcome!

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